The world has been impacted by COVID-19 and economies have been reeling under the pressure. At this time, starting over is tough, but what’s tougher is doing so safely.

Workplaces can become hotspots of danger if you are not careful. One of the greatest priorities right now for your company is to keep your staff protected.

Protoco’s frontdesk management system
helps you ensure that your workplace is secure, so your team is alongside you in fighting the crisis.

Protoco Visitor Screening

Visitor Screening

Protoco helps you screen your visitors. Which means you have detailed information on who is coming in contact with your workplace before they even set foot inside the premises. It comes with a set of questions about your visitor’s travel history, their health and well being - helping you screen potential COVID-19 positive cases.

Touchless check-in

Protoco’s touchless check-in feature provides every visitor with a QR code. They can scan the code before checking in and it will guide them through the process. They are not required to touch the shared tablet or device.

Protoco Touchless Check-in
Protoco Pre-register Visitors

Pre-register visitors

Using Protoco, groups of visitors can be pre-registered prior to their visit, which is a much better solution compared to traditional pen on paper registrations. The pre-registration system allows you to pre-plan your meetings as well as allow you to have information that will prepare your workplace better to receive any visitors

This information is also much safer and doesn’t risk being lost. Moreover, this data is stored for you by Protoco, and can be retrieved when required in case of emergencies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ensuring the least amount of exposure for your workforce by any visitor is critical in these times and Protoco provides that smart solution. This cutting edge visitor management system will analyze your visitor information and alert you in case of any suspicion and contact tracing, identifying visitors who may have come into contact with an infected person. It will not only keep your workplace safe but also ensure that your visitors leave your premises healthy.

Many of us think that they don’t need a visitor management system, since they’re neither in hotel or hospitality business, nor even a hospital. But they couldn’t be more misinformed. A brick and mortar business has as much to lose if Covid is detected in their premises. It not only hurts your reputation, but also your business.

Touch-less check-in may not be new, but it is the present and future of visitor management. Your visitor only uses one’s own phone in the process, and therefore it eliminates all risks of contamination a single screen or a pen on paper process would have created.

COVID 19 has forced businesses to find alternatives and it appears that these alternatives are working out quite well. Businesses are slowing coming back to normal with these checks and balances in place.