Front desk management
is essential, It doesn’t have to be painful

From people to package, our all-in-one platform is perfect for powering workplaces like yours

Everything you need to
manage your frontdesk, in one place

Add an extra layer of security

Multi-tier adaptive security features to ensure only authorized people enter your premises

Manage multiple locations

Centralized management helps you monitor locations and deploy Protoco to new sites

Access global data

Easily view all global visitors, deliveries and analytics without juggling with multiple apps

Manage your mailroom like a pro

Keep packages safe and deliver to the right owners by sending them arrival notifications

Create delightful visitor experiences

Impress visitors not only the first time but every time through customisable check-in flows

Contribute towards a sustainable future

Save paper by doing away with log books and physical registers

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Proud supporters of the
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We believe that technology can not only improve processes but also go a long way in building a sustainable world. Protoco is built out of our commitment to a sustainable future. A world-class front desk management platform that enables workplaces to go paperless!


Using a Visitor Management System to improve safety and security at your workplace

June 15, 2020

Along with investing in CCTV cameras, locks and alarm systems, it is crucial that a company invest in an effective visitor management system, to achieve an optimum level of safety and security.  Having a good visitor management system not only helps you have absolute control over who enters and leaves your building, but also makes […]

How you can protect your office and build a safe space

June 11, 2020

It is a given that at any workplace, the health and safety of your employees are of utmost importance. More often than not, unhappy workers are less productive workers. Providing them with a safe space away from the world outside where they can focus and get cracking, is crucial to the success of a company.  […]

Keeping your visitors safe with a touchless check-in process

June 8, 2020

Ever since the pandemic has hit the world, wherever you go, it’s a safe distance zone. Hygiene has become a crucial way to fight this virus with touch-less interactions being the prime mantra. There is no doubt that this has added stress to the already chaotic process of welcoming, managing, and tracking your visitors. However, […]